Long Term Care Pharmacy Services

At Smartmeds Pharmacy, we are redefining pharmacy professional services and medication management for assisted living, long term care facilities, group homes, and personal care facilities. Smartmeds Pharmacy has developed leading edge systems, risk management tools, and innovative technology to assist the facilities they service in managing the medication administration process and allow access to drug information efficiently and accurately. SmartMeds Pharmacy is proud to provide Smart-Support.

Our suite of Smart Services includes :

Smart Support

SmartSupport® is your multidisciplinary on-site support team – the new Gold Standard in clinical care and support ... exclusively from SmartMeds Pharmacy.

Improve quality of life and therapeutic outcomes for your residents with our unique Consulting Team of five professionals. Active on-site participation from a Consulting Pharmacist specializing in geriatric healthcare, a Nurse Consultant, Clinical Assistant, Administrator and Director.

Smart MAR

A robust, digital solution to replace paper MARs or update older electronic MARs. SmartMAR™ is easy to read and may be customized in many ways to suit your needs.

Individualize the orders in which they appear and times for each med type. We add creatinine clearance and crushed meds on each MAR as a med type appearing first on the MAR. This assists staff in knowing kidney functions immediately for relay to physicians – especially when antibiotics are prescribed based on kidney function.

Smart Care

Live support, efficiency and quality behind every order. Streamline orders, improve communication, enhance quality control of prescriptions, ensure accurate error reporting, flag drug conflicts and assure appropriate dosing with one comprehensive system.

We created SmartCare® to integrate leading-edge systems, procedures and technology to boost quality and communication. SmartCare® is your personal connection to your own pharmacy team!

Smart Doc

SmartDoc® allows physicians secure online access to records in multiple facilities. View all facilities in one application. Prescribe, review, change, hold orders, re-order, R/A from any location – even from home! Real-time prescribing and monitoring of prescriptions with automatic reminders and alerts is now easy. SmartDoc application will provide accurate and timely information to the pharmacy to reduce error. It also provides physicians and nurses the necessary information to support the writing and administration of prescriptions.

Smart Options

We work to make your team more effective by giving them a smarter range of time-saving, high-quality options. SmartOptions® includes easy-to-read patient information labels containing name, healthcard number, allergy info, and other medical conditions. Auto-refills for patches, eye drops, puffers and inhalers.

Improve risk management with our replacement packs: for med changes we immediately send out a new pack reflecting the change. Diabetic residents benefit from the CDA program which covers supply costs.


The pharmacy is just a click away with Smart-Link™ – a user-friendly ordering and communication portal. Your team is linked directly with SmartMeds Pharmacy. Communicate within seconds whenever needed and receive an immediate response.

Smart-Link™ puts a wealth of information at your fingertips: E-CPS, ODB Formulary, etc. If you run out of a form, Smart-Link™ lets you print it immediately. Integrated SmartTraining™ modules let new staff rapidly learn and review pharmacy procedures online.

Smart Pak

More accurate dosing and flexible options: bar-coded, scannable multi-dose strips with enhanced patient/medication data in three colour formats and easy-to-use blister-pack cards with state-of-the-art prescription data.

Smart Family

"Certainty" is what we offer to the people we are proud to serve ... and to their families. Medication prescriptions are dispensed and administered accurately, with the greatest care and attention to quality. We also offer services for every member of your family. As a full-service pharmacy, we've earned the loyalty of thousands of people who turn to us for daily prescriptions, thoughtful and confidential advice from your pharmacist plus a range of specialty healthcare clinics for care that is even more complete.