Retail Pharmacy Service

Smartmeds Pharmacy offers a full line of pharmaceutical services to customers. We continue to work very hard to bring you the kind of services that put health and well-being first. Whether it is answering questions about your prescriptions or offering free-delivery solutions, our employees are always available to serve you.

Smartmeds Packaging

SmartMeds® packaging is FREE with your prescription from SmartMeds Pharmacy in Burlington, and so is delivery right to your door.

Smart Vial Emergency Info

SmartVial™ Emergency Medical Information Vial is a free service for SmartMeds Pharmacy customers. Time is of the essence in an emergency ... and things can become more urgent if you are not able to communicate.

Designed to hold critical health information for first responders to your home in the event of a medical emergency

Smart Med Check

Taking prescription medications can sometimes be confusing. If you have several prescriptions or if your medication has changed, you may be looking for information that's just not easy to find without professional advice.

Our no-charge Smart MedCheck™ service lets you discuss and review prescription medications for you

Pill Organizers

Another FREE SmartOption™ for SmartMeds Pharmacy retail clients.

Keep your prescription and non-prescription medications, vitamins and your other pills, tablets and capsules organized properly with our weekly pill organizers.


Delivery to your door

You've probably seen our growing fleet of unmistakable SmartMeds Pharmacy delivery vehicles throughout Burlington and area.

Maybe you've even had your prescription delivered right to your door! If so, then you've met our friendly, courteous and prompt delivery team!