Live support, efficiency and quality behind every order. Streamline orders, improve communication, enhance quality control of prescriptions, ensure accurate error reporting, flag drug conflicts and assure appropriate dosing with one comprehensive system.

We created SmartCare® to integrate leading-edge systems, procedures and technology to boost quality and communication. SmartCare® is your personal connection to your own pharmacy team!


  • A full team of professionals is focused on your orders and requests.
  • Contact with a live person whenever you call.
  • Orders allocated via email or fax server for security and accuracy.
  • Your SmartMeds Pharmacy Assistants only call for requests and clarifications during your downtime at the facility or home, never interfering with your workflow.


  • Prescriptions receive five separate quality control checks before leaving the pharmacy.
  • Peace of mind for your staff, residents and their families is paramount to us.


  • Two separate additional checks ensure correct medications reach the correct facility.


  • Flags internal errors and uses the information to promote quality assurance enhancements.
  • Promotes continuous improvement of facility/pharmacy communication and processes.


  • A team of healthcare professionals constantly available to provide the latest drug info.
  • In-depth pharmacist care conference reviews of each patient’s current medication profile.


  • Proactively identify serious drug conflicts and inappropriate drug combinations, which should be modified to improve patient therapy.


  • Proactively highlight inappropriate dosing and dosing adjustments that should be made.
  • Essential for patients with diminished kidney function.