"Certainty" is what we offer to the people we are proud to serve ... and to their families. Medication prescriptions are dispensed and administered accurately, with the greatest care and attention to quality. We also offer services for every member of your family. As a full-service pharmacy, we've earned the loyalty of thousands of people who turn to us for daily prescriptions, thoughtful and confidential advice from your pharmacist plus a range of specialty healthcare clinics for care that is even more complete.

Our Mission:

To exceed the standards of pharmaceutical care and
rise above all others,
while providing excellence in the quality of our service.

SmartMeds Pharmacy provides pharmacy support services to forward-thinking long-term care centres, retirement residences and group homes in Southern Ontario.

Our personal approach, expertise, dedication to quality and our innovative technology have brought us together with this centre to offer pharmacy care for your family member.

The Right Approach

Administrators, physicians and nursing staff turn to us for uniquely personal service and on-site support directly within their care team.

We are close at hand for your loved one. Medication records are secure and current. Prescriptions are updated in real time.

Our in-house pharmacy team is always available for inquiries from family members and residents. In fact, working side-by-side as we do with your loved one's physicians and nurses at this centre, we are an integral part of their complete health care team here.

Our Circle of Service

Our service and care starts when your family member begins residence and extends to a comprehensive, detailed review of all medications upon admission by our clinical pharmacist. Comprehensive reviews are done every three months in collaboration with nurses and physicians. We prepare clinical consultations to be discussed with your health care team on a daily basis.

From the time the pharmacy receives a prescription to the time it is accurately prepared and sent to the resident, and thereafter, our pharmacists are strictly focused on your loved one’s health. This is our circle of service.

Smart Quality

Our electronic medication records, sealed medication packaging with easy-to-read labelling, thorough quality-control checks and secure medication carts are just a few of the many ways we ensure your family member is taking the right medication at the right time, with no missed doses, medication conflicts or mix-ups.

Our in-house quality improvement program ensures each medication receives five individual checks to minimize or eliminate occurrences. Our advanced robotic packchecking system adds an additional degree of quality and certainty.

Smart Support

Our dedicated, pharmacist-led team works within this centre's own care team, offering clinical support, training, quality improvement and 24/7 access.

We participate in family council meetings to enhance communication and support. We are integrated into the care team.

Smart Compounding

SmartMeds Pharmacy's resources allow us to offer specialty compounded medications for requirements.

Under a physician's orders, pain medications, hormone therapies and other prescriptions may be prepared in our lab in non-standard dosages or forms. Our state-of-the-art compounding lab is PCCA-certified.