A robust, digital solution to replace paper MARs or update older electronic MARs. SmartMAR™ is easy to read and may be customized in many ways to suit your needs.

Individualize the orders in which they appear and times for each med type. We add creatinine clearance and crushed meds on each MAR as a med type appearing first on the MAR. This assists staff in knowing kidney functions immediately for relay to physicians – especially when antibiotics are prescribed based on kidney function. Your team knows who receives crushed meds and who does not.

  • Single paper means no need to ‘pull’ MARs at end of month.
  • Narcotic and ward count forms are combined to save your nurses time and ensure both the counts match and are correct. Forms come pre-filled by pharmacy which also saves nursing time.
  • Each profile illustrates complete medical history, allergies, photograph, room, bed number, crush meds, etc. Resident photos match photos on medication bins.
  • TAR sheets are a different colour than the MAR sheets.
  • We also offer the option to have 2 sets of TARs sent so that if the facility allows, PSWs can complete treatments they are responsible for, overseen by nursing staff, and their own sheets to sign-off on
  • Customize and organize MARs to suit facility preference and needs, e.g. routine oral meds to appear first on MAR, liquids to appear second on MAR, etc.
  • Highlights each med pass with detailed info (meds due, meds given, not given) to ensure all residents are med compliant.
  • Nursing staff have hands-on ability to control the MAR (add, delete, hold meds, patient notes).
  • When changes are made to the MAR, transmission is sent to the pharmacy via email to ensure all records are up-to-date
  • Email aides communication facility and pharmacy to ensure all orders are electronically sent via digital pen, scan or fax.
  • Real-time processing: when orders are filled at pharmacy they appear on the MAR within seconds.
  • Ability to print reports (blood sugar, vitals, weight).
  • MAR program settings can be made user-specific.