We work to make your team more effective by giving them a smarter range of time-saving, high-quality options. SmartOptions® includes easy-to-read patient information labels containing name, healthcard number, allergy info, and other medical conditions. Auto-refills for patches, eye drops, puffers and inhalers.

Improve risk management with our replacement packs: for med changes we immediately send out a new pack reflecting the change. Diabetic residents benefit from the CDA program which covers supply costs.We prepare your facility for Tamiflu season and prepare you for outbreaks with a time-saving process.

  • Efficient conversion team for easy transition to SmartOptions™.
  • Choose your own packaging system.
  • Replacement packs for all changes as part of risk management. New labeled product sent by pharmacy.
  • Auto-refill program to eliminate reordering of scheduled items.
  • CDA program ensures your diabetic residents receive the funding they are entitled to.
  • Tamiflu program to ensure residents are treated correctly and promptly.
  • Pre-packaged, colour-coded unit-dose Lactulose and Soflax cups pre-measured at 15 mls, 25 mls and 35 mls allow residents to take correct doses easily.
  • 24/7 live support.
  • Easy-to-peel reorder and received stickers.
  • Double check system in place for all internal procedures to ensure accuracy.
  • Smart checking for orders: Pacvision machine photographs all med pouches for accuracy.
  • Daily deliver for your orders.
  • On-site training and presentations as required plus clinical CE events.
  • Pharmacists participate in CE events for new products and services to benefit our clients.