SmartSupport® is your multidisciplinary on-site support team – the new Gold Standard in clinical care and support ... exclusively from SmartMeds Pharmacy.

Improve quality of life and therapeutic outcomes for your residents with our unique Consulting Team of five professionals. Active on-site participation from a Consulting Pharmacist specializing in geriatric healthcare, a Nurse Consultant, Consultant Technician, Administrator and Director.

We provide support in many areas:

  • 24/7 connection with a live person when you need telephone support. Your calls are never lost in voicemail – even after hours!
  • Pharmacist participation in Accreditation and in Facility Conversion.
  • Pharmacist is enrolled into ISMP activities on risk management.
  • Pharmacist participation in Professional Advisory Committee.
  • Regular Quality Assurance and Quarterly Compliance Audits.
  • Drug Regimen and Care Conference Reviews.
  • Drug Distribution, Administration and Utilization.
  • Support in pharmacy/facility logistics and innovation.
  • Lunch & learn sessions plus special off-site dinner CEs.
  • Continuing Education and training for your team, with innovative in-service training and updates on clinical topics.
  • Peer-to-peer training support for nursing staff by our Nurse Consultant.
  • Updating your team on Pharmacy Regulation issues and current educational materials.
  • IT support, technology integration and medcart management directly from our Consultant Technician and Technical Specialist.