The Free SmartVial™ is exclusive to SmartMeds Pharmacy

SmartVial™ Emergency Medical Information Vial is a free service for SmartMeds Pharmacy customers. Time is of the essence in an emergency ... and things can become more urgent if you are not able to communicate.

Designed to hold critical health information for first responders to your home in the event of a medical emergency, SmartVial™ offers you peace of mind in knowing that this vital information can be located and communicated clearly.

Your SmartVial™ holds pertinent medical information. Responders to your residence are then able to better assess the situation and apply appropriate treatment and care to create a better outcome. They will not need to search for information or prescription medications, saving precious time.

Using SmartVial™ is simple and quick. Just place the completed Emergency Information form back inside the vial and keep your SmartVial™ in your refrigerator in one of the door shelves. Responders are trained to look for emergency information vials there.

Talk to your pharmacist today about our free SmartVial™