Solutions for athletes, coaches, physicians, physiotherapists and even weekend warriors!

Inflammation, pain and muscle spasms can be treated with customized medications to meet specific needs.


Whether you are a professional athlete getting injured on the field or an amateur sports enthusiast attempting to ease muscle aches, compounding can provide enormous benefits for every type of athlete. When an athlete is hurt, the secret the pros use to achieve a speedy recovery is utilizing pharmaceutical compounding, and the best news is that it’s available for everyone, pros and amateurs alike. Athletes recover from muscle inflammations more rapidly by using topical agents prepared by compounding pharmacists.

Athletes, coaches, trainers, team physicians, physical therapists, and even the weekend warrior” are faced with problems such as:

  • inflammation
  • muscle spasms
  • fungal infections of the skin and nails (athlete's foot, jock itch, and onychomycosis)
  • hemorrhoids
  • excessive perspiration

Our compounding specialists can help to resolve these problems with customized medications that contain the most appropriate ingredients in the best vehicle to deliver the needed drug to the affected area.

Our Compounding Solution also provides the ability to alter and deliver the exact strength of the medication prescribed by the Physician. By using alternative dosage forms (topical creams, transdermal gels or solutions, etc) the active ingredient is passed into the system without the possible side effects of passing through the GI system. This also allows our Pharmacist better control of how much medication you are actually receiving at the area where needed.